Research Highlights

Seong Kyeong Nam, Jong Bin Kim, Sang Hoon Han, and Shin-Hyun Kim*, "Photonic Janus Balls with Controlled Magnetic Moment and Density Asymmetry", ACS Nano (2020). [pdf] [SI] . - Highlighted in ACS Youtube channel and C&EN [link]

Gun Ho Lee, Jae Young Sim, and Shin-Hyun Kim, "Polymeric Inverse Glasses for Development of Non-iridescent Structural Colors in Full Visible Range", ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 8, 12473−12480 (2016). - Highlighted in C&EN [link]

Shin-Hyun Kim and David A. Weitz, “One-step Emulsification of Multiple Concentric Shells with Capillary Microfluidic Devices,” Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Accepted for publication (2011).-Featured in The Economist.

Ho Cheung Shum, Yuan-Jin Zhao, Shin-Hyun Kim, David A. Weitz , “Multicompartment Polymersomes from Double Emulsions,” Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 50, 1648-1651 (2011).-Featured in ‘News and Views’ of Nature (Nature 471, 172 2011).

Nature 471, 172 2011

Shin-Hyun Kim, Jae Young Sim, Jong-Min Lim and Seung-Man Yang, “Magnetic Janus Particles with Nanoscopic Surface Structure for Remote-Controlled Locomotion,” Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 49, 3786-3790 (2010) (Corresponding author) -Featured in ‘Highlights’ of Nature Publishing Group Asia Materials (NPG Asia Materials 2, 122 2010).

NPG Asia Materials 2, 122 2010

Shin-Hyun Kim, Su Yeon Lee, and Seung-Man Yang, “Janus Microspheres for Highly Flexible and Impregnable Water-Repelling Interface,” Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 49, 2535-2538 (2010) - Featured in ‘News and Views’ of Nature (Nature 464, 497 2010), ‘Research Highlight’ of Nature Nanotechnology (Nature Nanotechnology 5, 242 2010), and ‘Highlights’ of Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49, 4542 2010).

Nature 464, 497 2010

Nature Nanotechnology 5, 242 2010

ANIE 49, 4542 2010

Shin-Hyun Kim, Se-Heon Kim, and Seung-Man Yang, “Patterned Polymeric Domes with 3D and 2D Embedded Colloidal Crystals using Photocurable Emulsion Droplets,” Advanced Materials, 21, 3771-3775 (2009) –Featured in ‘News and Views’ of Nature Photonics. (Nature Photonics 3, 562 2009)

Nature Photonics 3, 562 2009

Shin-Hyun Kim, Seog-Jin Jeon, Woong Chan Jeong, Hyo Sung Park, and Seung-Man Yang, “Optofluidic Synthesis of Electro-responsive Photonic Janus Balls with Isotropic Structural Colors,” Advanced Materials, 20, 4129-4134 (2008) –Featured as Research Highlight in Nature (Nature 456, 4 2008)

Nature 456, 4 2008

Se-Heon Kim, Jae-Hoon Choi, Seung-Kon Lee, Shin-Hyun Kim, Seung-Man Yang, Yong-Hee Lee, Christian Seassal, Philippe Regrency, and Pierre Viktorovitch, “Optofluidic integration of a photonic crystal nanolaser,” Optics Express, 16, 6515-6527 (2008) –Featured as Research Highlight in Lab on a Chip (Lab on a Chip 8, 1241-1243 2008)

Lab on a Chip 8, 1241-1243 2008

Shin-Hyun Kim, Young-Sang Cho, Seog-Jin Jeon, Tai Hee Eun, Gi-Ra Yi and Seung-Man Yang, “Microspheres with Tunable Refractive Index by Controlled Assembly of Nanoparticles,” Advanced Materials, 20, 3268-3273 (2008) – Featured as Research Highlight in Nature Photonics (Nature Photonics 2, 456 2008)

Nature Photonics 2, 456 2008

Young-Sang Cho, Gi-Ra Yi, Jong-Min Lim, Shin-Hyun Kim, Vinothan N. Manoharan, David J. Pine, and Seung-Man Yang, "Self-organization of Bidisperse Colloids in Water Droplets" Journal of the American Chemical Society, 127, 15968-15975 (2005) – Featured as ‘News & Views’ in Nature (Nature, 439, 545-546 2006)

Nature, 439, 545-546 2006