Inside Back Cover in Angewandte Chemie

posted Feb 3, 2012, 11:32 AM by Shin-Hyun Kim   [ updated Feb 3, 2012, 11:34 AM ]

Tae Soup Shim, Shin-Hyun Kim, Chul-Joon Heo, Hwan Chul Jeon and Seung-Man Yang, "Controlled Origami Folding of Hydrogel Bilayers with Sustained Reversibility for Robust Microcarriers," Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 50, 1420-1423 (2012).

Origami of hydrogel bilayers provides robust mircocapsules through anisotropic volume expansion. In their Communication on page 1420 ff., S.-M. Yang and co-workers show planar bilayer microparticles composed of active and passive layers that can transform into microcapsules with a closed compartment. The reversible transformation by folding and unfolding of microparticles enables in situ encapsulation and triggered release of micro- to nanoscopic encapsulants.